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Εικόνα φιλοτεχνημένη σε καμβά πάνω σε ξύλο, με ασημένια επικάλυψη και τοπικά επιχρυσώματα.

Η εικόνα συνοδεύεται από δωρεάν βάση στήριξης.

Saint Sergei

Saint Sergei, the second son of pious Boyars, was born in 1314 during the reign of Rostov and was baptized Bartholomeos. At the age of 7, a monk blessed him and prophesied that he will become a guide of the Christian Faith to many people. At the age of 23 years old he received the monastic blessing and was named Sergios. It is said that during his monastic ordeal he reconciled with a bear that came by daily to find some food. In 1354 he was ordained a priest and consecrated as an abbot. With an admonition of the ecumenical patriarch Saint Filotheos Kokkinos he founded a Commune. Encouraged by Alexios, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Moscow he took over the responsibility of the cognitive life. His monastery, known as the Lavra of the Holy Trinity of Zagorsk, remains to this day the center of the ecclesiastic life and piety of the Russians.

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